Creating Radio Commercials That Sell

It is almost a century since the maiden radio commercial was launched. With some many years behind yet, there are snags in designing the right ad that will hit the target customers. Five simple tips can get you going in creating a great radio ad that sells.

Identifying target customers
Generalized commercials do not sell. Identify your target audience and keep your marketing strict to the one call to action. Grabbing the attention of the listener in just 150 words could be a tough task, yet it is not impossible to achieve. The call to action should be intended to target the customer and anything that is the one call to action has to be eliminated.

Mention the benefits first
Starting with the benefits, the customer is going to gain out of the product or services attracts the listeners better. Since there are fewer words, do not waste time on bombastic speech. Beginning with a question could only spend the few words on hand. Choosing an engaging approach and hit the target without beating around the bush. In the first 20 words, the message should be loud and clear, as this is when the listener takes a decision whether to proceed further or not.

Stay away from clichés
To stand out in the crowd, it is important to avoid clichés. Use of overused terms could only tire the customer and make them think the business has nothing special to offer. Creating terms that will be etched in the memory of the customers for long could help promote your business.

Do not be obvious
Do not waste words on mentioning what the customers already know. Try to bring a difference by referring the unobvious. This will help the customers to stay glued to your commercial.

Test before you go live
Once the script is ready, replace your company’s name with that of the competitors. If the commercial works for them too, then it is time to rethink your radio advertisement as it is too common.

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How To Record Online Audio Ads And Create An Impression?

Audio works better than text or visuals. A combination of all three could be a winner. Creating audio advertising scripts have become easier with service providers like Spotify, Pandora, etc. Before starting an audio ad recording, it is important to find out the difference that audio can make to the visuals and text. There are some easy tips that can help you create a winning audio ads campaign.

Simplicity is the key
There is just one message to be conveyed to the customer, so keep it simple. Do not add flowery language to the content and make it complicated. Focus on just the one thing the customer would love to listen and you got the deal.

No suspense for long
Break the headline first. The listener does not want to be kept waiting for long. Reinforce the main point so that the customer does not forget.

Conversational ring
The ad has to be in a conversational tone for better reach. A clear voice in a friendly conversation style of delivery would be etched in the memory for long. The announcer style of voice is no more in vogue and it was buried in the 1960s.

Slow delivery
Do not run with your content delivery just because you have limited time on hand. The conversation style of ad needs to be delivered in a slow and steady manner. Rushing through the ad will not help.

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