Why Should You Advertise On Radio?

Radio is the best choice to promote, and it is the most sensible way to spend your money. The reasons why radio advertisements sell is because of its immediate reach. Studies have revealed that Radio reaches consumers in about few hours of their shopping. There can be no better time to grab the attention of the customer on their car radio while driving down to shopping. Radio is omnipresent. It is a mobile medium, you can carry it for work, on a drive, play, etc. Nothing sells like intimacy. When a person wants to communicate a message or emotion, it is best done through human voice. Radio is the most intimate medium that reaches the consumers through voice.

Advertisement clutter is less on radio. Print medium focuses on 2/3 ad copy in comparison to just 1/3 editorial copy, while, TV spends 1/3 of the time on commercials. Radio spends just 10 minutes on advertising every hour, meaning 1/5 of the time is given for ads. Radio is comparatively an inexpensive medium to advertise. Print media advertising rates depend on their circulation. You may have to shell out a big amount to place your ads in a favorite newspaper or magazine. Advertisements on television rely on the viewership ratings, but radio advertising cost is affordable and hence becoming the most popular medium for advertising.

Though TV and newspapers have a wider reach, the message reaching the target customer is lesser. Experts say that for a product to sell, consumers have to be exposed at least for three times to the advertising message. Frequent advertising could sell. But small business simply cannot afford frequency of advertising on other mediums.

But on radio, it is possible due to its low-cost advertising plan. There are varieties of radio stations focusing on the interest of the listeners. Advertising on the broad reach mediums like TV and print can only dilute the message. With radio, you capture the attention of the consumer.

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